Provision of Support Services

LSOL will provide the Support Services to the Client upon the terms and conditions set out in this Part and Part 1 of these Conditions.

LSOL will only be obliged to provide the Support Services during Support Hours as detailed on the LSOL website

The obligation of LSOL to provide Support Services will not extend to:

  • rectification of lost or corrupted data except where such loss is as of a direct result of a LSOL server crash;
  • Ancillary Systems altered modified or varied by other than LSOL;
  • attendance to faults arising from the Client's failure to comply with LSOL's instructions with regard to the use of the Services or any documentation or manuals provided by LSOL, or operator error or omission; or
  • attendance to faults attributable to the use or interaction of an Ancillary System with other software or systems with which it is not compatible.

LSOL will charge its standard employee charge out rates (as detailed in any relevant SLA) in addition to the Fees for the carrying out any remedial work described in the clauses above.

LSOL will use its reasonable endeavours to provide the Support Services in accordance with any applicable SLA.

Scope of Support Services

LSOL will at no additional charge to the Client initially install the standard operating system Software on to the Client System or, where appropriate, the Equipment. Any re-install will occur a charge, this charge will be detailed in any applicable SLA.

LSOL will operate a service to assist the Client in relation to the Client's use of the Services and the identification and correction of Defects. Assistance via this service may be requested by the Client and provided by LSOL, by e-mail or helpdesk ticket system provided by LSOL. The service will be obtained by e-mailing such addresses or logging into such ticketing systems, as are notified by LSOL from time to time.

If a Defect occurs, the following procedure will be followed:

  • the Client will notify LSOL of the Defect and provide such information and assistance as LSOL reasonably requires in connection with such Defect; and
  • LSOL will analyse the Defect and use its reasonable endeavours to rectify the Defect in question or propose a solution in connection with the same, within ten Business Days of being notified of the same under the clause above.