Terms and conitions tend to be long, boring and unread.  We have got the long boring version because we have to.  However, they can be summed up briefly as follows:

  • We want you to be happy with our services
  • We won't screw you over
  • We don't want to be taken for a ride
  • Intellectual property that we create is ours unless we agree you can buy it and even then it's ours until its paid for in full
  • If you want to up sticks and go elswhere that's fine. We will even help you to do so and there's normally no charge for that help. Don't forget to pay your bills before you go though.

OK Now for the long bit..... 

Lightspeed (hereinafter referred to as LSOL) is a provider of consultancy and internet related services including (but not limited to) business & technology consultancy, training, connectivity, co-location, dedicated and shared server, website hosting and domain name services. These Conditions set out the terms under which LSOL will provide Services to the Client (as such terms are defined below). These Conditions should be read in conjunction with the acceptable use policy which can be viewed at  These Conditions will be supplemented from time to time by order confirmation forms setting out specific details relating to services requested by the Client and, as so supplemented, will apply to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions including any which the Client may attempt to introduce. LSOL reserves the right to change, add, subtract or in way alter these Conditions without the prior consent of the Client.

To the extent that the Client is deemed to be a consumer (as defined by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977) then these Conditions will not affect the rights of the Client as a consumer and will apply to the extent that applicable law allows.

By logging into your account or updating files or returning an order confirmation you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and the acceptable use policy.

These Conditions are divided into four parts, however all parts may not apply in every case:

Part 1—GENERAL PROVISIONS applies in all cases.

Part 2—ANCILLARY SYSTEMS applies where LSOL is to provide software and/or equipment in connection with the Services.

Part 3—SUPPORT SERVICES applies where the Services include ongoing support and maintenance services.

Part 4—DOMAIN SERVICES applies where the Services include domain name registration services.


 * (Where have you been for the past decade? To Long; Didn't read)